Golf Club Rental That Works!

Here at Clubhub, we take pride in providing excellent golf club sets for those who want to hit the links in style, with impressive cutting-edge club design to conquer the greens and fairways.

Our golf club rental service relies on many best practices and a philosophy of value that has brought us a great reputation among golf club members and the managers of top golfing venues around the country. You might say our reputation precedes us. That's because we source the best clubs, and developed a winning model for delivery and real support for the avid golfer. 

High-Design Clubs: "Fore!"

To understand how our clubs help lucky golfers to improve their swings, check out product specs, and more on the website. See our drivers with graphite/steel build, and asymmetrical shape for optimal ball trajectory and speed injected twist face that helps to provide micro-control. What all of this can add up to is a clean, confident swing, the kind that you see on TV, or modeled in simulators. Our clubs promote "clean turf interaction," where precision counts, and adjusted vectors that facilitate epic swings on the fairway. You can see this reflected in our reviews and customer feedback on the site, but you might also hear about it at the clubhouse, where choosy golfers have made the investment in renting our clubs for a round. 

Singles and Complete Sets

Get the mix of drivers, irons, and other clubs that you need delivered right to you for the day's outing. Think of this as a 'virtual caddy system' that is the ultimate in convenience – just look for the best clubs for your golfing adventure, and get them right where they need to be when you need them. When the weather is good, and you want to hit the links, you can do so with a cutting-edge set of clubs at your side. 

Convenient Delivery

It's as easy as that – you order, we ship, and when you're done, these clubs go back to us, to be thoroughly reconditioned and prepared for the next round. We also sell lightly used clubs. 

We've been doing this for a while now, and over time, we've found great ways to optimize the experience for our customers. For more, check out all of what we offer at Clubhub on our web site, and get in touch to learn more about our unique golf club rental system works. We want you to be carrying our clubs when the sun dawns over the luxury course! Be sure to check out our "try before you buy" offer online.

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