Try Now Program For The New TaylorMade SIM Max Complete 12 Piece Series.

Included Clubs

Driver, #3 Fairway Wood, #5 Fairway Wood, #3 Rescue, 8 Piece Iron Set.

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Try the selected products where, when, and how you want for 14 days from the time you receive them.

Our Products


Our Products

Where do you ship to?

Clubhub will ship the try before you buy set to any state in the US. We only ship to the residence matching the billing address of the credit card used.

How much does it cost?

For a set of clubs there is a $199.99 trial fee charged to you when you check out.

Please note that we will place a temporary hold on the credit card used for $300. Whether you use a credit or debit card, these funds will not be available for the duration of the hold.

If you decide to keep the club, we will release the hold, charge you for the club(s) you keep, minus the $199.99 trial fee you've already paid.

If you decide to return the club, we will release the hold once your clubs have been recback to us. Availability of the released funds will vary depending on individual financial institutions.

When will the clubs ship after the order is placed?

Once the order is placed, the credit card information is confirmed, and after the ID is uploaded the clubs will ship.

What comes with the try before you buy?

The set includes the following:


Fairway wood<

Fairway wood


Iron set

When will I receive my clubs?

Once the clubs ship you will receive an email with tracking information. The clubs usually arrive within 2-5 business days.

How long do I keep the clubs?

Once you receive the clubs you will have 14 days to try out the clubs.

What happens if I break or lose the clubs?

Accidents happen but with negligent wear or loss of clubs you will be charged the retail price for each item.

Driver- $499.99 + Tax

Fairway Wood- $299.99 + Tax

Hybrid- $249.99 +Tax

Iron Set- $899.99 + Tax

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery and return shipping are free.

What happens if I don't get them back on time?

You will have until the end of business day on the 15th day after receipt of the clubs to have them back to a ups facility and on their way back to clubhub. If they are not scanned then you will be charged the full retail amount minus the trial price for the clubs.

What happens at the end of my trial period?

We will send you emails to notify you when your trial is coming to an end. On or before the 14th day of your trial, please reply to one of these emails to let us know if you plan on keeping and buying the clubs or returning them.

If you decide to keep & buy any clubs, we will charge your credit card on file for the full price of the club less the trial fee for the club that you've already paid.

If you decide to return the clubs, please use the prepaid UPS return label provided in the box we sent. Box up your clubs safely (be sure to include headcovers & tools, tape the box securely shut, and drop them off at a local UPS store.

When the clubs have been received and are the temporary hold placed on the card you used will be released. Availability of the released funds will vary depending on individual financial institutions.

What kind of Warranty do these clubs include?

Our clubs are genuine clubs that come with the standard manufacturer's warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer directly for their exact terms and conditions.