Where do we ship to?

Clubhub only ships golf clubs to the continental U.S.

What process do I follow when returning my ClubHub clubs?

At the completion of your final round:

  • Remove the return shipping label from the shipping container
  • Place it in the clear shipping pouch on the outside of the box
  • Place the clubset back in the box
  • Leave it with the hotel front desk or concierge, golf course pro shop, or UPS location that your clubs were shipped to.
  • ClubHub will schedule a UPS pickup for the end date of your rental

See Return Instructions for more information.

What dates should I enter when ordering golf clubs?

Please enter the first day you will be playing golf and the last day you will play. Clubhub will only charge you for those days. The clubs will arrive at your specified location the day before you need the clubs and you may return them the day after you are finished. To avoid additional day charges, please ensure that your clubs are scanned in and on their way back to ClubHub the day after your rental has ended.

What kind of club options are available?

We are currently renting out TaylorMade M2's and Kalea's. Our extensive club selection can be viewed online and our knowledgeable call center agents are also available to answer any technical questions you might have about our clubs.

What clubs are in the set?

TaylorMade Mens M2s:

  • Driver: M2 10° graphite shaft
  • Fairway: M2 3w, 5w graphite shafts
  • Hybrid: M2 4h graphite shaft
  • Irons: M2 steel shaft 4-PW, EF 56° TOUR ATV SW
  • Putter: Ghost TOUR Black Putter
  • Bag: Stand Bag

TaylorMade Women's Kaleas:

  • Driver: Kalea graphite shaft
  • Fairway:Kalea 3w, 5w graphite shafts
  • Hybrid: Kalea 4h-5h graphite shaft
  • Irons: (graphite shaft) Kalea 6-PW, SW
  • Putter: Kalea Putter
  • Bag: Stand Bag

Do the clubs come with a bag?

Yes, each set of clubs are delivered with a stand bag.

Golf bag rental

Do you offer any type of incentives for buddy trip groups or special events?

We currently do not offer discounted group rates.

Can I rent ClubHub clubs for use at my local golf course?

Yes. We offer a local program whereby you can enjoy ClubHub clubs on a local basis. Simply follow the same ordering process you would if you were traveling and your clubs will be shipped directly to the location of your choice.

Just how ‘new’ are ClubHub clubs?

Our M2 and Kalea sets are no older than 5 months old.

How can I confirm that my ClubHub clubs have been shipped and will arrive at the location selected and by the day needed?

When your clubs are shipped, you will receive an automated shipping confirmation email including details of your order as well as UPS tracking numbers. Learn more about How It Works.

How much can I really expect to save when renting from ClubHub vs. other options—such as shipping my own clubs or renting at the golf course I am scheduled to play?

Based on our research, you can expect to save anywhere from 15-30% over that of other rental options. When you combine this savings in combination with the convenience factor offered by having the clubs shipped directly to you and the peace of mind knowing that you will be playing with the latest TaylorMade clubs—the decision to incorporate ClubHub within all your golf travel plans—is the obvious one.

Are there shipping costs in addition to the club rental fee?

No, ClubHub currently covers all shipping costs. There are no additional hidden fees or additional costs.

What type of locations can ClubHub clubs be shipped? Is it possible to ship to my residence?

Currently, ClubHub rental clubs can be shipped to any golf course, hotel, or UPS location in the continental United States.

Does ClubHub sell golf clubs?

Yes, please visit our Sale page to purchase rental Clubsets that have been rented out a maximum of 10 times.

What dates should I choose for my rental?

Rental Delivery Date: The day of your first round of golf
Return Ship Date: The day of your last round of golf

ClubHub charges you a rental fee for only the days between your first day and last day of golf, inclusive (with a 2 day minimum).

What happens if the rental clubs do not arrive when scheduled?

We will work together with UPS and your destination golf course to see if the clubs arrived but were misplaced. If they definitely did not arrive, a full refund will be issued immediately for a one day rental. If it is a multi-day rental, we'll refund for the lost day and send a replacement set.

What happens if I lose or damage ClubHub clubs?

If rental clubs are damaged please contact ClubHub customer support at (888) 978-1022. The ClubHub agent will assist you will complete necessary paperwork and proper documentation to receive replacement clubs. In the event clubs are lost or perhaps stolen, our agent will contact local law enforcement and work to get you a replacement set to continue play ASAP.

Can I cancel a ClubHub order?

Most definitely. We understand that golf plans may change so offer our customers the flexibility to cancel when necessary. Simply call ClubHub customer support 5 business days prior to the rental date and we can take it from there.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged when your order is placed.

Why Should I Rent Clubs from ClubHub?

ClubHub is the solution for golfers looking to play with the finest clubs available when traveling. This innovative solution provides you an alternative to shipping your own golf clubs and:

  • bypasses the traditional hassles of traveling with golf clubs
  • saves you costly airline ‘oversized’ baggage fees
  • guarantees your ClubHub Clubs are delivered when you want them to the location where you need them (i.e. of your choice of hotel or golf course)
  • helps ensure that you will play optimal golf – with the newest and latest model golf clubs (vs. risking the unknown when ‘hoping’ the rental clubs at the golf course are decent)
  • preserves the integrity of your personal clubs which could be subject to damage when shipping by leaving them at home!

So you are essentially saving time, saving money, saving your personal clubs—and guaranteeing yourself a premium set of clubs that are best suited to your game—ultimately allowing for maximum performance out on the course!

Do You have Left-Handed Sets as well as Ladies Sets?

We most definitely have both. When selecting your clubs, where indicated, simply note the type of clubs needed and continue from there.

What Type of Clubs are Available?

We are currently renting out TaylorMade M2's and Kalea's. With the power of TaylorMade clubs behind you, you can be certain your “away” game will quickly become your A-game.

Where are the Clubs Shipped?

It’s entirely up to you. ClubHub distribution network allows the company to ship your clubs to the golf course, hotel or UPS Store of your choosing. Want your clubs to be shipped directly to the concierge desk at your favorite golf resort in Scottsdale?—no problem. Need your clubs to arrive at your private golf club in Orlando?—consider it done.

How Much Does the ClubHub Service Cost?

ClubHub Rental Clubs are available starting at less than $22 a day (when renting for a one-week period). The longer the rental period, the more you save! At this value-packed price point, you can be assured that your savings could surpass 20% or more than that of shipping your personal clubs or renting clubs at the golf course. See all pricing details where noted on the website or feel free to call our call center for all details.

How Far in Advance do I Need to Make My ClubHub Reservation?

It is highly recommended that you book your ClubHub reservation at the same time you book your golf travel arrangements. This will help guarantee that the clubs you want are reserved just for you and will avoid any last-minute reservation issues.

What if There is an Issue with My ClubHub clubs, Who Do I Contact?

The team of ClubHub service agents are available 24/7. Simply call our call center at (888) 978-1022 and you will be assisted by one of our friendly and golf knowledgeable staff members. Rest assured we will correct the issue and make it right! If no agents are available, please leave us a voice-mail and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

What if There is an Issue with My Rental Set and It’s After Hours?

We understand that issues can occur any day and any time – and not necessarily within business hours. This is the exact reason we have a dedicated team of after-hour staff ready and available to assist you when calling our call center.

Will I be charged extra fees when delivery location is a UPS location?

In our experience, we have encountered some UPS HCO locations (Hotel and Convention Center) that charge a handling fee. If the UPS location is inside a hotel, they may charge up to $10 to receive and hold packages. Some UPS Stores also charge for handling. To be sure, please contact the UPS Store that you would like to use as a delivery address, or contact ClubHub Customer Support at 888-978-1022 and we'll be happy to help you identify your best delivery address option.